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Brian Jarvis Sensei

Brain Jarvis

Sensei Brian Jarvis was born on 4th June, 1968 and began his study of Shito-ryu karate-do in his home town of Hereford in 1978. He was awarded his black belt in 1982 by the late Master Shigeru Kimura, a direct student of Chojiro Tani, founder of Tani-ha Shitoryu, Shukokai. Master Tani lived in Kobe, and was a direct student of the founder of Shito-ryu, Soke Kenwa Mabuni.

After a break, Sensei Jarvis returned to his karate training having finished his college education, and was awarded 2nd Dan in 1992, again by Master Kimura. At this time Brian was an active member of his association’s national squad, competing in kata and kumite at national and international level on a number of occasions, including Japan. In 2000, at the age of 32, Sensei Jarvis competed for the last time in Melbourne, Australia, securing gold medals in kata, team kata and a silver medal in kumite.

Whilst in Australia, Sensei Jarvis was awarded his 4th Dan by Master Hiroshi Yamada on the 16th August, 2000, on the Gold Coast. Keen to become a professional karate instructor, on returning from Australia in 2001, Sensei Jarvis founded the Samurai Martial Arts’ school with dojos in Ross-on-Wye, Gloucester and Cheltenham.

In 2003 Sensei Jarvis began training under the direction on Shihan Kunio Murayama, a member of the Shito-kai organisation. Soon after, Sensei Jarvis co-founded Shito-kai England with his peers Sensei P. Powell and Sensei S. Bolland. In March 2006, Brian was awarded his 5th Dan by Master Murayama. Later that year Sensei Jarvis also joined the English Karate Federation’s referee’s programme and was quickly awarded kumite referee judge A by Sensei Terry Pottage, England’s Chief Referee at that time. The following year he was awarded kata judge B and kumite judge A.

In January, 2007, having built a sound reputation within the county, Sensei Jarvis moved his family from Hereford to Gloucester. SMA now boasts well over 200 members and has added another dojo in Tewkesbury. Between 2001 and 2012 Sensei Jarvis has produced over 30 black belts and has trained national and British champions.

By 2010 Sensei Jarvis had gained his British Kata and Kumite Referee’s licence, and was beginning to officiate internationally. In 2012 Sensei Jarvis received his WKF, European kata and kumite, judge B licence in Moscow at the European Championships for the Regions. In October Sensei Jarvis will have made his 10th visit to Monterrey, Mexico to train with his master, Shihan Murayama. As well as Murayama Sensei, Shihan Genzo Iwata, Shito-kai Honbu Dojo Chief Instructor, is a regular guest instructor to the annual festival that is the Copa Murayama.

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