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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do classes cost?

A. Our fees vary depending on membership type and location. We offer a range of payment options and family discounts, and all locations offer a free trial. Typically you can expect to pay between £25 and £39 per calendar month.

Are the instructors fully qualified?

Our instructors are CRB checked through the English Karate Federation and hold teaching licences awarded by a highly qualified Japanese master instructor. All instructors and student members are insured.

Will I need to buy a uniform and equipment to start my training?

No, we recommend you try several classes before investing in a uniform and safety equipment. Your instructor can advise you on how to start up in the most economical way before.

Do I need a good level of fitness and flexibility to train?

Not especially. As long as you enjoy a reasonable level of fitness, regular training at your own pace will gradually improve your fitness levels and flexibility. If you have concerns regarding your health and suitability to martial arts, seek the advice of your doctor before commencing training.

How often should I train?

We recommend twice weekly for students aged 7+, though many young children start their martial arts journey to black belt with just one class per week.

How long does it take to reach black belt?

Typically it takes between 5 to 7 years, but this depends on the student and their level of training.

Do we have to do competitions?

We focus primarily on traditional karate with an emphasis on self-development. Those who wish to participate regularly in competitions can do so, and there are opportunities to compete at small, local events to international level.

How often do students test for belts?

We hold quarterly belt testing days, normally on Sundays.

My child is very shy and lacks confidence.

We have seen so many shy children develop confidence and self-belief through regular training. No one 'sits on the bench' in karate. Students develop at their own pace, and their confidence will build as they progress through the belts.

How will I know if karate is for me?

Take advantage of one of our FREE TRIALS - See you there!

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