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Samurai Martial Arts Testimonials

The Jones Family

Both our sons train with SMA and we strongly believe that participating in karate has provided benefits beyond fitness and self-defence. With our older son, we have seen him grow in confidence which has extended beyond the dojo into other aspects of his life. He has benefitted from the discipline of martial arts training and has learnt patience in challenging circumstances.

For our younger son, who has sight problems, karate has helped enormously with his coordination and concentration through the drills of kata, bunkai and ido kihon. Both children have made many friends through karate and enjoy the feeling of belonging to what has become an extended family. Many thanks to Brian, Dona and the team for their patience, persistence and positive encouragement."

Mrs Michelle Jones

The Kong Family

A truly wonderful Karate school that has taught my two children over the last few years, and I would strongly recommend this academy to anyone.

A big thank you to Brian, Dona and their dedicated team, for their hard work, not just in teaching Karate but most importantly, the discipline, respect, persistence and confidence that our children have also learnt.

Keep up the good work!

Cynthia Kong - Cheltenham

The Dix Family

Corey and I have been training for just over 2 years with Samurai Martial Arts. We have found the club to be very welcoming and have made some good friends. The training is very rewarding and the lessons are well structured and cover many aspects of Karate from kumite (fighting), kata, self defence and basics. The club follows traditional Karate etiquette and there is a strong link to the founders of the Shitokai style. Corey, in particular, has benefited from the discipline and focus practised within the classes and has helped him to improve at school.

The club has also encouraged and supported me to qualify as an EKF Tatami Coach to provide support to club members during competitions. In addition to the normal lessons there are opportunities to participate in seminars, squad training and summer sports days. I can whole heartedly recommend the club to any child and/or parent, as through Samurai Martial Arts Karate has become a large and extremely rewarding part of our lives. If you're interested, then come along and have a go as I'm certain you won't regret it!!

Mr Tony Dix and son, Corey

The Saysom Family

"The children are gaining so much more than just Karate alone. Friendships, confidence, discipline, respect for self and others. They always want to train and lessons are fun and stimulating. Brian and Dona create an environment in which every child is given the opportunity to fulfill their full potential. A great club to be a part of."

Mrs. Jane Saysom

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